Explore Scotland your way with WOW Scotland – an award winning fun and independent company who specialise in providing fully customised private tours from Inverness and Invergordon as well as fantastic group tours including our unique Isle of Skye Day Tour and our fantastic Invergordon Group Shore Excursions. No matter what you want to do, or where you want to go, our local guides will share their passion, enthusiasm and knowledge with you, so that your trip to Scotland is one to remember.

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What our customers say

The Best Guide in Scotland….. bar none!

– Ron - Florida

We were able to see and do things that, otherwise, would have been completely impossible

– Katie, MA USA

“..blown away by the spectacular and breathtaking views

– Sarah, Ascot UK

It was all amazing, and a time we will never forget

– B Farber, VA USA

I would definitely recommend WOW Scotland as the best way to experience the true meaning of WOW Scotland

– Dorian, Malta

Gordon probably has one of the best jobs in the world. It’s like show and tell back in kindergarten, where he has so much enthusiasm in showing you the beauty of the land of his ancestors, his watering holes, and other little interesting spots that you wouldn’t find if you took just any other tour

– Hal, Kanagawa, Japan

Had I have known it would have been that fun and customized I would have wanted to book him for a week. If you are going to Scotland you must book a tour with Gordan worth every penny!!!!

– Kathy, Moosejaw Canada

Zane was very passionate about her country and her excitement was infectious

– Mimi, Montreal, Canada

this is the best opportunity to get to know local people and get a personal impression about the local people and their way of living

– Susanne, Stuttgart

…adapted the tour on the fly to meet our interests. For example, finding out that I was an engineer with an interest in bridges led us down a few narrow country roads that resulted us in exploring areas that I guarantee no tourist had been before

– Peter, CT USA

f you don’t want to be herded like cattle on and off a bus, with ten minutes to see each attaction, then WOW Tours is the way to go…Very flexible, willing and able to tailor tours on the fly based on individual interest

– Gloria, NY USA

He even arranged for a rainbow to follow us around the entire day!

– Mootle, NJ USA

He adjusted his schedule to accommodate us as we wanted to see more snow :)

– Giorgio, Malta

We had time even to have a nice warm coffee with his parents before facing the cold winds at Loch Ness, very nice indeed

– Wolf, Sao Paulo, Brazil

After an outstanding trip throughout England and other parts of Scotland, we didn’t believe it could get any better — but WOW-Scotland proved us wrong. Our day with Gordon touring throughout the beautiful city of Inverness and surrounding areas of the breathtaking Highlands was absolutely the highlight of our entire trip.

– J Geiser, OH USA