WOW Scotland; Caring for the Areas We Explore
We’re pretty pleased about our green credentials

We’re Green – it’s official!

We are members of the Green Tourism Award scheme and have received a Silver grading. We are currently working towards Gold status so watch this space!

Ensuring our business not only looks after our customers, but the planet too, is an integral part of everything we do.

Gordon Pearson, Founder
Digging a hole to plant another tree

Offsetting our carbon

Gordon has planted over 500 trees at our office over the last 2 years outside our home office. In addition to this we have donated time and money to the conservation charity Trees for Life to plant trees locally too.

Christian picking up rubbish at the Quiraing

Leaving places better than we found them

On our Skye tour part of our drivers’ role is to pick-up litter along the way to ensure the beauty of of area is maintained. You’ll also find our guides doing this on our other tours too. During our lunch breaks the office team regularly goes on litter picks too.

I would like to congratulate your company and in particular one of your drivers who I observed litter picking today on Skye, how refreshing to see someone doing this from a tour company.

Local resident via Facebook, Isle of Skye
Perhaps all litter pickers should wear a kilt?

Reduce, reuse, recycle

On our flagship Isle of Skye Tour we’ve worked with our meal supplier to source “Vegware” packaging, which is turned into compost.

We stopped using plastic bottles on any of our tours in 2017 and insist our suppliers provide a more environmentally friendly alternative.

By using electronic ticketing we have saved over 8000 sheets of paper per season! We’ve also eliminated our disposable menus and have replaced these with a reusable version.

Locally sourced tours

We work closely with local suppliers such as Relish Deli in Portree and Jolly’s of Orkney to provide high quality locally sourced lunches on our tours. This not only brings direct benefit to the areas we visits, but also keeps our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

Our buses are so green you can spot them from Outer Space!

Our vehicles are Green (& purple!)

Our two mini-coaches are some of the newest on the market and comply to the highest Euro 6 emissions standards. We’ve specified vehicles that are the perfect size for the routes we run and they use around 30% less fuel than our previous vehicles!

This is not our actual car, or car park, but it’s close enough!

Green HQ

The heating and hot water for our office comes from a ground source heat pump, which uses the earth’s warmth to help generate heat. A 8 Kwh solar system powers the office during the summer, and the rest of our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources!  We also use LED bulbs throughout the whole property and our company car is Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (a plugin hybrid) which can do up to 30 miles on electricity.