Family Tours of the Scottish Highlands

If you are bringing your family to Scotland and looking for a great tour that will appeal to both you and your kids then look no further ! We absolutely love working with children and whatever age they are we will find something to keep you and them amused.

We are fully equipped with baby and booster seats, which are a legal requirement when driving with children. If you are travelling with children under 3 years old we recommend that you bring your seat with you although if you can’t let us know and we’ll do our best to sort out the required seat.

Our family tours have received international press coverage in the Vancover Sun when one of their reporters joined us for a week long tour – read all about in on their website!

Our family tours are very similar to our other tours listed and we can advise on the best programme to suit you particular needs.

Examples of what we have done on previous tours.

Play hide and seek in a castle
Ride Harry Potter Train
Throwing stones in river (always fun!)
Tree climbing in ancient forests
Wildlife spotting including reindeer and dolphins
Stroking a Highland Cow
Playing in tree houses
Fun parks in the forest
Mountain bike riding
Swimming/paddling in seas and lochs
Building sandcastles
Telling stories